Wet feet pool party: report & pictures 2

We had another great run of fun last Friday! Thanks to everyone who joined: exar, myst, gloozy, nop, snack, monyny, mattiejas, kassz, p90, geg, stoic, lorsch, mathilya, jeffrey, mathilya, and melike. We kicked off at the Gentry Manor Hotel pool area, enjoying an evening swim, and where we tested the amazing strength of umbrellas as well as whether the water was wet enough to save ourselves from bodily harm of an accidental barbecue ignition. We continued with a bikini contest, which was proudly won by stoic, geg, and kassz; well done all three! Special mention to p90 for bringing beer!

After enjoying the view over Los Santos from the top of the roof of the hotel, we continued towards Paleto Bay for some diving and underwater sightseeing, guided by lorsch who showed us where to find the sunken UFO and nuclear submarine.

We then started our playlist. The first job, suggested by honki, probably involved some strange method for allowing underwater fights, but sadly nobody managed to get it to work. You’ll have to show us some time how to do this honki!! 🙂 We continued with a really fun team deathmatch around the Gentry Manor Hotel, a crazy stunt race over the water with tons of mid-air collisions, kassz’s triathlon, our traditional “push the trucks” job over the ocean where myst pulled an insane last-minute kill. The winner of the list was myst, with 7 points in the lead, followed by gloozy and myself tied in 2nd and 3rd place.

Lorsch kindly assembled a playlist with some untested sea races – all great fun although not entirely without problems (why do some bridges have so many supports??). The last sea race was particularly exciting, as I managed to overtake myst at the very last instance, gaining a 0.014 lead. 🙂 Apparently I’m a good sea racer as I won the playlist, narrowly followed by myst who was only 3 points behind.

So, an impressive overall win by myst, and this earns him player of the week on our steam group.

You can watch the twitch stream in the usual place, and below are some more highlights. Enjoy!

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