New commissioners: kassz, mathilya, and 83427! 12

A bit overdue, but better late than never: we have three new commissioners in the crew! Thank you kassz, mathilya, and 83247 for accepting the new position, and congratulations!!

I’m particularly proud to welcome kassz to our commissioner team as it shows that no barrier is too big for us, including lack of English-speaking skills. Despite the language barrier, kassz has truly engaged with the crew as good as can be. His jobs and video work have become a regular standard on our crew events, besides his amazing playing skills and always friendly and welcoming nature. Next, there’s 83427, who has given enormous invaluable social and artistic inputs to the crew over an extended period. His positive engagement is much appreciated, as is his help to improve our crew logo and website artwork – I don’t think anyone has had more visual input to the crew! Last but not least, mathilya joined us a while ago but has become very active in the last few months, always helping out, suggesting great themes for our crew events, showing leadership, and taking responsibility and actions where opportunities arise – all enormously appreciated!

It’s a real pleasure to welcome the three of you to our commissioner team. We look forward to what the future may bring with you!

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12 thoughts on “New commissioners: kassz, mathilya, and 83427!

  • _Kassz_

    Thank you very much for this compliment, although I do not understand English, I like to be part of the crew and their esteem, and it’s a pleasure to make videos, but there are others than me in crew Which make beautiful video. And wait to see Michal;)

    Congratulations to mathilya and 83427


  • 83427

    thank you for asking and for nice words about me. sorry for my inactivity in last weeks. its “before christmas” crazines at job + i have to spend time to my new girl. I need second character to live second life in gta πŸ™‚

    congratz _Kassz_ and mathilya. its nice to be commissioner with you

  • mathilya

    OK, my turn:

    You forgot to mention my other merits: raging in deathmatches, threatening to demote any member who killed/rammed me, as well as hacking in missions with speed of amoeba πŸ˜› However, thank you once again for kind words and trust. Hope we can make ETCL even more attractive and pleasant for members and random players (surely honoured to play with us ;))

    And as preceding speakers congratulated each other, I feel obliged to do the same thing. So, congratulations to 83427 and Kassz.

  • MadRed

    I m back. Kind of I mean I m able to join crew events and discord chat. But I ll be doing it from even further away. I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia now. Staying at a hotel. I m not in Istanbul anymore. Which means worse internet, and higher ping difference and more headache when gaming. But I m okay

    This is a very interesting country. There are almost no lines on roads. So you can actually see 5 vehicles driving side by side in a 3 way max road

    I m a religious muslim but man… This country is on a whole different level. The shops close at prayer times and you get locked inside if you don’t leave I went outside yesterday to buy a new LED monitor to complete my pc setup at the hotel. The shops were closed at 2 pm. XD They opened around 3-4 pm later lol.

    As I said internet is crappy but I can manage. I ll try to be active in the evenings from now on but no promises. I m working for Onur Air now. Its one of those private airline companies in Turkey. I m more like an area manager and some kinda supervisor. We oversee the flight operations here in Jeddah. The company is leasing 6 planes to Saudi Air. My job is pretty cool and pays well compared to what I would get in Turkey. So I ll be saving money now Or I should rather say I ll be buying more PC games trough steam.

    Sorry for the long time disappearence guys. I hope to be more active as soon as I settle in more at the hotel. Still buying some furniture and some other basic stuff. VIP room ^_^