Cops in pyjamas party this Thursday

We’re on for our cop party tomorrow, at 9pm CET as usual! Due to very unfortunate timing, Rockstar has deleted all our cop outfits and patched the method for obtaining one, so we’ll simply go ahead in pyjamas! The plan is to do some fun stuff in our pyjamas. We’ll assemble around my living room fireplace in my Alta Street apartment for some (totally legal) fun, maybe watch the stars from the Observatory if the night isn’t too cloudy, to continue with cop & pyjama themed jobs, such as:

  • Parachute in our pyjamas to perfect that dream of flight.
  • Play cops versus gangsters in a nightly setting.
  • If the size of the team allows, do some slasher jobs to conquer our worst nightmares.
  • Travel at the speed of light on an insane stunt track.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to leave a comment below. Specific suggestions for jobs to include (especially if you have properly tested them) are most welcome.

Finally, thanks to all who completed the doodle, thanks to gloozy for suggesting the pyjama party some time ago, and thanks to kassz and jeffrey for suggesting the cop theme recently. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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