Cops in pyjamas: report & pictures 1

A very quick report this time – we had another great party, with geg, exar, dass, dante, p90, lorsch, nop, gloozy, mattie, chobi, jeffrey, myst, kassz, michael, and mathilya (apologies if I’m forgetting anyone!). We started off in the Alta Street apartment for the usual fun, with special mention to kassz for coming as a donkey in a night gown. We then kicked off our playlist, where myst, jeffrey, kassz, and mathilya shined in their racing skills, p90 owned everyone on the parachute jump, and myst scared everyone on the deathmatch (pyjamas notwithstanding), although I managed somehow to get the highest K/D ratio (must be that scarf providing extra protection not just against the cold!). Myst and mathilya dominated the playlist, with myst eventually winning, just one point ahead of mathilya. Well done both of you and congratulations!!

I’m sorry that I don’t have the group picture ready yet – will do so after the new year. But you can enjoy the twitch livestream in the usual place, and also some highlights below. Thanks again all for joining the fun, and enjoy the pictures!

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One thought on “Cops in pyjamas: report & pictures

  • mathilya

    As an “emergency” theme, that was really nice. Congratulations to myst for another outstanding performance. We should replay that last boat race – it was probably the craziest race I ever played in ETCL 😛 Hope to see you all on our next event.