Christmas party this Friday 15

We are on for Christmas party tomorrow at 21:00 CET.  Hope Rockstar will show some mercy and make Los Santos covered in snow by this time! We will assemble at Legion Square – last year there was an enormous Christmas tree. After that, we will have classic fashion design and car contest – feel free to bring any sleighs or reindeers!. On Christmas, people usually receive some gifts. As our gift, which we pass to each other can be a playlist consisting of our fauvorite games(like Glue-zy’s Sticky Deathmatch, Jeff’s race, any of Kassz’s fights and more).

If you have any other ideas (for playlist or anything else), feel free to share your feedback below.

And, according to tradition, thanks to all who completed the doodle. Special thanks to Nop for encouraging me to paint such a great masterpiece as a featured photo and Gloozy for correcting it. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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