New Year party this Friday [postponed] 3

While the Old Year is passing out, the New Year is approaching. We are set on Saturday, 21:00 CET. Head up to Ammu-Nation and purchase some fireworks and flare guns, so the whole Los Santos will know that ETCL is having a party today! We will gather up at my Eclipse Tower apartment, for proper entertainment. Make your imagination go crazy and dress like a party king, so you can win our contest for the best-looking guest. The snow is supposed to be back tomorrow, so be careful, as the playlist might get much harder than usual!

There was no doodle for this event, as we agreed that 30 December was the second favorite date for these, who completed a poll (thanks to all of you and thanks to Exar for let us used his great picture). Hope to see you all there!

EDIT: Due Rockstar server problems, we could not do a playlist, as everyone was getting kicked, and eventually there was no way to log in anymore. So, our party will be moved for some other date. Check out this doodle and place your vote there.

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