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We’re on once more for this Friday 9pm CET – this time for a fisherman meet. We’ll meet up at Millars Fishery on the North shore of Los Alamos Sea. Make sure to bring your waterproofs and your tugboats if you have one! We’ll do some more water-oriented activities: a […]

Fisherman meet this Friday

We’re on for Friday (tomorrow) 9pm CET. Bring your festive clothes and your strong drinks. Dress red for luck and for scaring away the bad demons! We’ll kick off the party with dumplings and dragon/lion dances at my apartment, watch the fireworks at the Pier, take a ride at the […]

Chinese new year party tomorrow

We’re on for Tuesday 24 January 9pm CET! We will start at the Marlowe Vineyards for a sophisticated sip of vintage wine. We will then move on to explore the neighborhood, pay a visit to our very good friend Devin Weston, and continue our exploits towards the beach for a […]

Old farts barbecue this Tuesday

We had another wonderful crazy time. Thanks to all for joining: toyota, meriandar, raijin, myst, mathilya, jeffrey, nop, madred, roof, geg, chobi, mattiejas, p90, lorsch, and gloozy! We kicked off at the Yellow Jack Inn for our standard vehicle and outfit contest. We tested the strength of some pick-ups and […]

Rural rumble: report & pictures

I’m proud to announce that we have a new commissioner, jeffrey, and a new lieutenant, geg. Jeffrey has established a truly great ethical sociable presence in the crew, during random freemode get-togethers, heists, crew events, and crew discussions. He’s always keen to comment on great performances, stimulating people, helping out, […]

New commissioner: Jeffrey & new lieutenant: Geg

We’re on for 9pm CET tomorrow! Dress like a village peasant, bring out the friendly farty farmer in yourself, and bring your oldest rustiest transports! We’ll meet at local liquor store – the Yellow Jack Inn – for a group hug (as it’s been a bit of a turbulent week […]

Rural rumble event this Sunday

New year! 8
We had another awesome party! Thanks to everyone who joined: gloozy, kassz, raijin, jeff, mattie, nop, geg, lorsch, p90, meriandar, and stoic. We started out at the high rise office, showing off our smart party clothes, and doing some drinking, watching silly TV shows, and playing “Don’t Cross The Line”. […]

New Year party: report & pictures

While the Old Year is passing out, the New Year is approaching. We are set for Saturday, 21:00 CET. Head up to Ammu-Nation and buy some fireworks and flare guns, so all of Los Santos will know that ETCL is having a party today! We will gather up at my […]

New Year party this Saturday