New Year party this Saturday 6

While the Old Year is passing out, the New Year is approaching. We are set for Saturday, 21:00 CET. Head up to Ammu-Nation and buy some fireworks and flare guns, so all of Los Santos will know that ETCL is having a party today! We will gather up at my Eclipse Tower apartment, for proper entertainment. Make your imagination go crazy and dress like a party king, so you can win our contest for the best-looking guest. Unfortunately, there will be no snow but even that inconvenience should not be a problem (especially in the playlist!)

Thanks to everyone who completed the Doodle. Hope this time Social Club, along with both Rockstar and Steam servers won’t have any problems this evening. Thanks to Jeff, who suggested not to forget your drinks – 10 bottles of Pißwaßer are obligatory for each person, as I am not sure whether I have enough in my apartment. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “New Year party this Saturday

  • 83427

    i could come but i cant. i had some error screens randomly on my windows (since i installed on my 3rd hdd mac os x 10.10.5 yosemite) and after reinstalation of W10 i couldnt install graphic driver. (my OS wasnt compatible). When i tried older, the same error appeared. When i tried version for W8 it wasnt compatible neither. omg. then my ssd disappeared from BIOS :D and i decided to install win7 to hdd instead of os x. everything worked fine. so i disconnected my pc, removed side covers, removed ssd and connected to usb. pc was moved to the table and then i step by step solved all problems…. i finished about midnight. thanks for reading

    btw when i tried to play gtao today, i had two errors that application stopped working or how its written in english.