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New Year party: report & pictures 8

We had another awesome party! Thanks to everyone who joined: gloozy, kassz, raijin, jeff, mattie, nop, geg, lorsch, p90, meriandar, and stoic. We started out at the high rise office, showing off our smart party clothes, and doing some drinking, watching silly TV shows, and playing “Don’t Cross The Line”. Special mention to geg for walking drunk continuously during the entire time in the office, I hope the hangover isn’t too bad!!

We continued with a high quality playlist that Gloozy had set up and fully tested. We started with an insane stunt race that involved driving on your roof (literally!!!). We continued with a bike race through the subway tunnels, involving tons of hilarious crashes. Next we had a crazy “death run” type capture, where we had to run up a ramp while cars were raining down from the sky. Another stunt race followed through the industrial district, and then we had kassz’s traditional boxing match, where someone I managed to win against the odds (thank you internet for not going brexit on my connection!). An insanely difficult GTA bike race followed where everyone had difficulties even just staying on top of the track, and poor gloozy got blown to bits by everyone (too many stickies?? 😉 ). We continued with an “Angry Birds” type capture, which was one of the most fun jobs I had every done!! Sadly the job glitched out on us and the capture object disappeared between the cracks of some other objects. We finished with another great stunt race, where meriandar managed to go over the finish line driving backwards (not in last place!!).

The playlist was won by jeffrey, due to impressive driving skills throughout the entire playlist – well done jeffrey!! This earns you “player of the week” status in our steam group.

The live stream is on twitch as usual, and some highlights are below.

Thanks again for all who joined, thanks to mathilya for setting up the doodle and the organisation, thanks to gloozy for the really wonderful playlist, and finally thanks to nop for contributing some of the pictures below.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next event!!

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