Rural rumble event this Sunday 2

We’re on for 9pm CET tomorrow!

Dress like a village peasant, bring out the friendly farty farmer in yourself, and bring your oldest rustiest transports! We’ll meet at local liquor store – the Yellow Jack Inn – for a group hug (as it’s been a bit of a turbulent week for quite a few of us!) and an outfit/vehicle voting contest. We’ll continue with a peaceful friendly walk to explore the secret dirty corners of Sandy Shores and Grapeseed. We’ll pay a visit to our beloved friend Trevor, take a bath (and a leak?) in the clean waters of the Alamo Sea, and have some fun!! We’ll do a rural themed playlist; I’ll try to use jobs from the crew this time around, so if you have any to suggest please drop me a message.

Many thanks to mathilya for suggesting the theme and for running the doodle; much appreciated as always.

Hope to see you all there!

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