New commissioner: Jeffrey & new lieutenant: Geg 11

I’m proud to announce that we have a new commissioner, jeffrey, and a new lieutenant, geg.

Jeffrey has established a truly great ethical sociable presence in the crew, during random freemode get-togethers, heists, crew events, and crew discussions. He’s always keen to comment on great performances, stimulating people, helping out, giving tips, and occasionally even sharing his work with the creator. His pro racing skills are among the top of the crew. His common sense opinions are very valued, and so I’m extremely pleased to have him finally among our commissioners!

Geg joined us more recently, and has provided a constant positive drive in the crew to become a truly well-respected ethical player, consistently helping out other people when he can, and contributing to the fun at almost every crew event. I have no doubt that we will see even more greatness coming from him in the future!

Congratulations, and thanks for accepting the positions, guys!

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