Rural rumble: report & pictures 11

We had another wonderful crazy time. Thanks to all for joining: toyota, meriandar, raijin, myst, mathilya, jeffrey, nop, madred, roof, geg, chobi, mattiejas, p90, lorsch, and gloozy!

We kicked off at the Yellow Jack Inn for our standard vehicle and outfit contest. We tested the strength of some pick-ups and managed to squeeze all 14 of us into the back of meriandar’s Sandking, and (slightly less due to the smaller size) into toyota9999’s Rebel. Worthy to be noted are myst who brought dad’s car, and p90 who brought a rusty off-road CEO truck. The winners were however jeffrey, for having guitars in the back and matching outfit, and gloozy, for bringing a rusty minivan with signature pink boots. Well done both!

We then did an impromptu race, honorably and impressively won by myst, although p90 impressed everyone with the speed of his truck! After paying Trevor a visit, and almost getting stuck in his garage, we went for a sail in lorch’s tug boat, managing to sail it all the way onto the river and making a really fun dive down the waterfall!!

We then started the playlist, with a long supercar race track won by myst, a sumo style LTS in muscle cars, where toyota impressed everyone by holding out for a very long time against no less than 4 enemy cars, a bike race over the river where jeff and roof sadly somehow glitched out at the end, a caddy jump race from mount chilliad won by gloozy (this job requires sheer skill naturally), honki’s deathmatch, a sports car race in the desert, and a new “death run” style job where runners have to run along a ledge and evade oncoming enemy cars. We ended the evening with some angry bird fun where myst amazed everyone with a brilliant run to deliver the egg. Gladly the job did not glitch out this time!

The event was won by mathilya, with a very impressive score of 104 (that’s an average score of 13 across the entire playlist!). That earns mathilya a spot as player of the week. Congratulations!! Honorable mention also for gloozy and jeff for a solid 2nd and 3rd place. For those confused, note that gloozy disconnected from the list, hence it doesn’t show correctly on the screenshot below; his actual score is 102, just two points after mathilya (thanks to nop and mathilya for helping with the calculations!!).

You can watch the live stream at the usual place. Below are some highlights. Special thanks to roofstone for also providing some of the footage. Enjoy!!

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11 thoughts on “Rural rumble: report & pictures

  • mathilya

    I thought Gloozy won the playlist… nevertheless, in your calculating skills we trust 😛 Nah, before Gloozy got trolled by R* servers, he was in victorious team in stunters vs rammers game (and should have received 15 points). After rejoining, he was placed in “non-victorious” team that caused him to lose 3 points. These 3 points have stolen his victory. So, Gloozy is the real winner of the playlist, not me, just to let you know.

    I really liked that last game with angry brids – only Mad got K/D ratio above 1.00 so congratulations to him. Moreover, props to Jeff for sacrificing himself 29 times – a true contribution to the crew.

    Hope that old farts bbq will be even funnier than this one 😉

    • mattiejas Post author

      Oh, thanks for reminding me about gloozy’s disconnect, I totally forgot about that. *embarrassment* I double checked very carefully just now, and I think gloozy had 99 points if I calculated it correctly, so yes he’s one point ahead of jeff, but still behind you. I’m waiting for nop to confirm my calculation (he also recalculated it but got 102). In any case either of our calculations give the same result – you’re still the winner.

      And yeah madred & jeffrey both deserve a medal for that angry bird job!!

      • mattiejas Post author

        Nevermind, I’m wrong – your comment about the 3 points explains the difference between nop and me, so yes gloozy’s final score stands at an impressive 102!!

    • MadRed

      The secret is to turn off your humanity switch and go completely postal on everyone to get good K/D in deathmatches.

      My motto is: If it bleeds, we can kill it! If it respawns, try to kill it again!

      Fun 😀

      Congratz to everyone btw. it was a great event. Especially the part where the boat got stuck at the end =)

  • jeffrey

    You taking screenshots of my ass now mattiejas? ;p

    Still triggered about that bike race. Roof was in first and i was about to overtake him when i saw him ‘falling’ of his bike for no reason, and before i could think about it, there i went as well. So frustrating….

    • mattiejas Post author

      I just knew you would like that… 🙂

      Yeah very silly of that race, maybe the water is sometimes a bit glitchy. 🙁 So sad, it was such a fun race!