Old farts barbecue this Tuesday 2

We’re on for Tuesday 24 January 9pm CET! We will start at the Marlowe Vineyards for a sophisticated sip of vintage wine. We will then move on to explore the neighborhood, pay a visit to our very good friend Devin Weston, and continue our exploits towards the beach for a proper heart warming old-fashioned barbecue. Be sure to bring your matches and your jerry cans.

Suggestions for the playlist (ideally jobs that you’ve tested yourself) are welcome as always, but for a rough idea we might do old stuff such as a bicycle weekend trip, kassz’s Liberator race, a bike race through the vineyard, maybe have another stab at our lawnmower race, and perhaps a few more of the older crew jobs that haven’t been played that much.

Thanks to all who completed the doodle, and thanks to nop and geg for suggesting the theme!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

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