Old farts barbecue: report & pictures 4

We had a record turnout of no less than 16 people: mathilya, beard, jeff, kassz, toyota, lorsch, mike, mattie, roof, stoic, raijin, nop, meriandar, p90, geg, and melike. This was one of our largest events to date! I also would like to thank each and every one of you not only for joining, but also for your super-ethical behaviour during the event. As far as I know, this time around, we had no incidents of needless crew killing or any other sort of harassment. This all despite the large group, including many newer members. Many thanks everyone for helping to keep the event clean and ethical, and sticking to our crew rules. Also thanks to the peacekeepers (you know who you are) for helping to keep an eye on things.

We kicked off with a car meet at the vineyard. It did not take long before cops, firefighters, and rescue workers turned up. Apparently, the vineyard is also their favourite barbecue spot, because although everybody behaved impeccably, the cops refused to go away, and kept arresting and fighting with NPCs, and occasionally even shooting at us without any provocation. It got so bad that we had to take our meet to the nearby hills to be able to conduct our vote without disturbance. Being such a large group, the vote took quite a bit of time so thanks everyone for their patience. The winner of the vote was kassz, with no less than 10 votes, for a pink Canis and matching grandmother outfit. Special mention also to meriandar, stoic, and roofstone, for getting 9 votes, and to roof and beard for forming a perfect couple. 🙂 Well done all!!

We had planned a few more things for the freemode part, but as we lost a lot of time with the cops at the start, we decided to continue straight with a playlist. We kicked off with 6 laps race on a Nascar style track, where jeffrey impressively managed to stay in front of everyone. We continued with RPGs versus Zentorno’s, which was admittedly a bit unbalanced, but still very fun. Honourable mention here to raijin for pulling an amazingly long run as last person standing on the Zentorno team, killing no less than three of the enemy team, and to stoic, lorsch, and mathilya, all who managed to blast the most cars. We continued with the now traditional push-the-trucks-from-the-ramp LTS, where honourable mentions go to melike for bravely going down as the last person on the team, managing to almost knock down the remaining three players down the ramp, only to be stopped at the very last instance by an amazingly skillful shot of beard after crawling from under a truck. Jolly good show, melike and beard! We then did a round of kassz’s Liberator race, where crashes, missed checkpoints, and tunnel jams ruled. Congratulations to nop for winning the race! To get to proper old fart pace, we then had a lawnmower race on the golf course, where gloozy, kassz, nop, and myself arrived almost instantaneously at the finish line before the package run; I managed to get it to the delivery point first but only because gloozy and kassz forgot to run at the end, so I’m happy to declare gloozy the winner of the race, with kassz in close second; well done gloozy! We then did roof’s Limo job, where nop amazed everyone with a superquick delivery of the limo, with the courtesy of delivering myself and raijin (from the opposing team) along with it!! We continued with honki’s bicycle race in the mountains, where jeffrey once more managed to keep the lead throughout the entire race; well done once again jeff! We ended the evening with a few rounds of angry birds. The hero among even the angriest birds was undoubtedly geg, who delivered most of the eggs against all odds. Also an ethical mention to myself for managing to get through the first round with zero kills. Still not sure how I did that… it is almost impossible to not even accidentally run into someone in all the chaos. 🙂

Congratulations and applause to jeffrey for, once more, winning the playlist! This earns him the title of oldest fart, euhm I mean, player of the week. Well done!!!

Below are some highlights, and the live stream from the event can be seen on twitch as usual. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Old farts barbecue: report & pictures

  • mathilya

    Sorry to correct you but on Halloween event there were 21 of us 😉 But, at the end of playlist, only 9 members were still standing. Here we had 15 players who made it to the end of playlist so it is still an impressive score.

    Looks like next time we have to find another, more secluded gathering point – even or parking lot it is hard to get rid of cops. At least we know that their AI is not that intelligent, as R* claims. And of course, congratulations to our oldest fart – you deserve that title like no one before 😛

    Next doodle has been completed by 13 members – hope we will manage to beat crew record presence soon 😀