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We lived the high life with another great crew party! As usual, many thanks to everyone who joined: kuro, p90, madred, roof, kassz, mike, exar, mattie, geg, jeff, snack, lorsch, mathilya, toyota, grey, melike and powerplant. High life meet-up This time, everyone took their most expensive and exquisite cars and […]

High life party: report and pictures

Let’s live and enjoy the high life, both literally and figuratively! We’re on for Friday 9pm CET. This time, we’ll assemble at one of the mansions at Lake Vinewood Estates; the one with the large pool and the jumping board has plenty of space. At the party, we’ll show off […]

High life party this Friday

We had a great crew party last week, this time around focused around the construction worker theme. So, thanks to all who joined: lorsch, mike, jeff, geg, toyota, stoic, raijin, mattiejas, kassz, mathilya, roofstone, venjamin, kuro, and madred! To start, we kicked off with our usual outfit and vehicle vote. […]

Construction worker event: report & pictures

We’re on for tomorrow 9pm CET! Bring your favorite construction vehicle and outfit. Dress as a construction worker, manager, architect, demolition expert, or something else! We’ll meet at the Mile High Club construction site in downtown Los Santos. After a vehicle and outfit vote, we’ll see how many people can […]

Construction worker event this Wednesday

We had another great meet-up! Thanks to all who joined: raijin, mathilya, roofstone, jeffrey, mike, gloozy, mattiejas, toyota, chobi, kuro, exar, nop, geg, madred, kassz, snack, tulliola, and grey. To start, we kicked off at Mirror Park for a nice “couples” showdown. After an exciting vote, the winners were jeffrey […]

Valentine: report & pictures

The most ethical event of the year is on for this Friday 9pm CET – thanks everyone for completing the doodle! We will all join up in pairs, and start with a vote for the cutest couple – so please find a partner before the event for greatest success! If […]

Valentine party this Friday

We had another great meet, and a wonderful turnout: mad, mike, nop, raijin, toyota, geg, lorsch, mattie, gloozy, stoic, kassz, mathilya, exar, myst, jeffrey, grey, and kuro! Also kudos to meriandar for trying to join but was troubled with network issues; hoping for better luck next time. We started off […]

Fisherman meet: report & pictures

We had a great and fun party, and thanks everyone for joining: gloozy, geg, nop, toyota, myst, mattiejas, mike, raijin, stoic, roof, jeff, kassz, meriander, mathilya, and lorsch! We started off at my apartment for the usual craziness. Fun and drinks ensued, but due to a fortune cookie, myst got […]

Chinese new year: report & pictures