Fisherman meet: report & pictures 3

We had another great meet, and a wonderful turnout: mad, mike, nop, raijin, toyota, geg, lorsch, mattie, gloozy, stoic, kassz, mathilya, exar, myst, jeffrey, grey, and kuro! Also kudos to meriandar for trying to join but was troubled with network issues; hoping for better luck next time.

We started off with a boat meet on the shores of Los Alamos. Of notable mention is lorsch who brought a submarine to the meet – very original lorsch!! We continued with an impromptu race to the waterfall, where raijin showed off his pirate skills and managed to capsize stoic’s tug boat. Congrats to mike for winning the race! After everyone took the dive, we started the playlist, which worked brilliantly this time, thanks to gloozy who helped picking some of the jobs, and thanks to mike for providing some simple yet effective jobs created specifically for the event.

First, we had a stunt race over the ocean, where stoic and myself (and possibly a few others too!) caught plenty off fishes. Myst and kassz fought for the first place, with myst winning by less than a second in front of kassz. We continued with mike’s fist fight, which was great fun. Special mention to mad, stoic, and myself for getting the most melee kills! We continued with a boat race near the beach and through the tunnels and canals, which myst amazingly won in a speedboat, whilst everyone else tried catching up with seasharks. Also honourable mention to nop who got the best lap time, and who managed to stay in 1st place for almost the entire race! Next we had a knife fight on the beach, which soon flooded with blood. Congrats here to mathilya and mad for getting the most kills, closely followed by raijin! We continued with another great race picked by gloozy on the beach. This time, jeffrey won the race, masterly evading all the obstacles throughout. Well done jeff! We continued with our mandatory bowling match, a simple yet very effective capture in the swamps created by mike, and finally a parachute jump, which was amazingly won by mathilya, with kassz and myst tied in a very close 2nd place.

The overall winner of the playlist was once more myst, with a truly amazing performance. In close second place, only 5 points behind, was mathilya. Well done both of you!!

The twitch live stream can be seen in the usual place, and below are some highlights. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Fisherman meet: report & pictures

  • mathilya

    As you probably know, sportsman least fauvorite place to finish is 4th. I was 4th in all 3 races. This is what I call stable performance 😛

    Congratulations to myst (again) for winning the playlist. Pity that bridges in Raton Canyon are so low – unfortunately, Zancudo River bridges are also hanging just above water. Maybe next time we should swim up the river, as waterfalls are not a problem for us anymore 😉

    Can’t wait for next event – love will be surely in the air 😀