Valentine party this Friday 5

The most ethical event of the year is on for this Friday 9pm CET – thanks everyone for completing the doodle!

We will all join up in pairs, and start with a vote for the cutest couple – so please find a partner before the event for greatest success! If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry: we will match you up with another bachelor. We will do some coupling in a GTA rally race (which have two people per car, seems quite fitting for the theme!), and do some love themed stuff (love races, love flights, love boats, and so on).

Further ideas welcome. If you have any properly proved & tested jobs, that would be enormously appreciated as always: just send me the link(s). If you created some job but you’re not sure whether they will work properly, we can do them separately in the after party for feedback.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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5 thoughts on “Valentine party this Friday

  • MadRed

    I think I have some ideas for couple racing or couples flying/shooting – driving/shooting. Freemode too.

    But I m wondering if we are going to rule out violence completely? Like a temporary ban on all kinds of weapons and even punching for the duration of the event. Could make things interesting. We could organize some kind of party on a yacht maybe?

    I was also thinking of a session wide robbery action. But than again this would contradict with the whole non-violance thing… Could be like Bonnie and Clyde robbing stores and making cash together. We could time it and give every couple 20 minutes to rob as many stores as they can or rob the people on sidewalks.After 20 minutes we could ask every couple how much they made. Since we are all ethical, everyone would be honest about their earnings I m sure πŸ™‚ To make the conversations easier, we could have teams of 2 in same biker club or CEO and everyone could use in game organization voice chat. Because I expect lots of chatter between couples and we know what happens when everyone talks at the same time. πŸ™‚

    Tomorrow evening I m going try to create some jobs. If I could get away from my real life job πŸ™‚ and get to my hotel room early. But please let me know if we are going to rule out violance or keep it to a minimum for the duration of this event. It will narrow down my options and help me focus while creating the job(s).

    • mattiejas Post author

      Thanks for those jobs mad, and for all the suggestions – I now feel guilty about having been off until basically the event itself so I did not have proper time to prepare something a bit more interesting, sorry for that! We should try to use some of your ideas for (one of) the next event(s).

  • MadRed

    Oh one other thing just came to my mind. We could somehow organize a couple event. Like a flag carrier race. Say we have 10 people attending. 5 starts driving and goes to where the other 5 is. Once your partner arrives you start the engine and race to the second waypoint. Then double back to your partner. Your partner starts the engine once you get to him and he drives back to where the race started all the way back. Whoever gets to the waypoint, that couple wins ect. Just a thought. It seems a bit hard to set up. But I believe we can do it in freemode. It could be offroad or supercars or sportscars. Bikes would be a challange too. Or muscle cars to mess things up.

    We could make a full circle of the island instead. Start the race somewhere around the highway bridge near the airport and then first partners drive for 10 km on highway to get to second partners. They start driving on the highway until they get to the first starting point, completing a full circle of the island.

    Make everyone drive on the wrong side all the way throughout the flag race and it would present a challange =)