High life party: report and pictures 4

We lived the high life with another great crew party! As usual, many thanks to everyone who joined: kuro, p90, madred, roof, kassz, mike, exar, mattie, geg, jeff, snack, lorsch, mathilya, toyota, grey, melike and powerplant.

High life meet-up

This time, everyone took their most expensive and exquisite cars and clothes and met at Lake Vinewood mansion. Kudos to geg for landing his Luxor Deluxe nearby (and not making traffic jam at the same time!). Also special mention to exar who managed to launch his rocket voltic from the tightest possible place.

We then had a classic uniform and clothing voting. Roof and geg won the contest, with special mention to mathilya, kassz, and p90 for a great 2nd place. Congratulations both! Before starting a playlist, we made some epic jumps into swimming pool from the high board.


For the playlist, we kicked off with roof’s blitz Last Team Standing with golf clubs, where lorsch showed off his skills by killing most opponents (and becoming MVP). Special mention for madred for being fully appropriately dressed for the occasion. Then, we took part in roof’s race which set a completely new standard for chaos. It was a GTA mode guaranteed massacre, with missiles flying everywhere. Next, we had another Last Team Standing high up in the mountains, in which roof and madred dominated all rounds. We continued with off-road race, with different vehicles on starting line. Special mention to mattie, who went hardcore and finished 3rd with an insurgent.

After a break, we continued with slipstream mode, where roof, madred, and kassz were 1st to cross the finish line. Then, we competed flying high and fast in a helicopter race, where mattie and roof battled hard for the win, eventually won by our leader by just 409 miliseconds. Finally, we finished with raid capture, in which jeff confirmed his courier skills by being the only one who delivered any packages. Special mention to madred, who mistook the capture for a deathmatch. :D

Mathilya won the playlist, ahead of roof, and with mattie and jeff tied in 3rd place. Congratulations for everyone who participated in playlist!

For the after party, we played the infamous angry birds capture, and helped each other in bikers/CEO activity.

Livestream and picture gallery

The livestream is here and some pictures are below. Enjoy!

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