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Last week Sunday, we had another great party! As always, thanks to everyone who joined our twisted stunting: raijin, cepa, geg, roof, mathilya, kassz, mattie, toyota, kuro, lorsch, gloozy, jeff and madred. Assembly We assembled at Los Santos International Airport, to show our racing outfits and some ultra fast vechicles. […]

Twisted stunting party: report and pictures

We’re on for this evening at 9pm CET as usual! This time, we will assemble at the airport. For activities, we start showing off our stunt cars with a car vote. For fun, we can try some synchronized stunting in freemode. If anyone knows a good location, we can try […]

Show off your twisted stunting tonight

The nappy change was a wonderful success. Once more, thanks to all who joined: nop, myst, mattiejas, jeff, mathilya, kassz, gloozy, powerplant, madred, grey, p90, toyota, and mikemichael! Activities This time, we started at the playground in the park near Madrazo’s house. Under the watchful eye of crew mom nop […]

Nappy change party: report and pictures

This special nappy change theme is for celebration of a special event! Naturally, any relation to actual people and/or events is purely coincidental. As an example, you could come nicely shaved without tattoos, in our nappy for male characters, and white underwear for the ladies (for lack of better alternative). […]

Nappy change party today

The low life was lived! After tasting the high life last week, we went for opposite side of community ladder and at the same time, had a wonderful party. Thanks to everyone who joined: kassz, jeffrey, geg, mattie, toyota, mike, roof, madred, mathilya, gloozy, meriandar, lorsch, grey, and chobi! Kick-off […]

Living the low life in the pictures

Let’s live the low life! So, we’re on for assembly this evening 9pm CET at the “homeless” spot below the highway. Thanks lorsch for this suggestion! After spending so much last week on our high life party, it’s time to explore the bottom of the barrel too, with some despicable […]

Low life fun for today’s crew party!