Living the low life in the pictures 2

The low life was lived! After tasting the high life last week, we went for opposite side of community ladder and at the same time, had a wonderful party. Thanks to everyone who joined: kassz, jeffrey, geg, mattie, toyota, mike, roof, madred, mathilya, gloozy, meriandar, lorsch, grey, and chobi!


We kicked off at the nice and cosy spot under a highway. Our usual barbecue attracted some jealous cops as always. We continued with our low-end vehicles to the Merryweather Security base, believing that they would welcome us with honor. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to join the party and a massive shootout ensued. Furious cops followed, who still wanted their barbecue. After that, we started our playlist.


We started with mike’s blitz LTS, where madred killed 9 players, which equals to 75% of all possible kills. Amazing performance! Then, we participated in crazy race, where some of us picked low life clown vans. Somehow, I won the race with a slower clown van, but props for kassz for being hardcore and picking a Boxville. We continued with roof’s highway deathmatch, where he and madred achieved best K/D ratio, congratulations! Another of roof’s masterpieces we played was a rapid LTS on Grove Street. Here, special mention goes to mike for being the last player standing in last 2 rounds, gracefully defending the honor of the losing team. Roof’s job marathon ended with a ghetto-styled muscle street race, won by jeff, closely followed by myself and roof.

Next, we fought in the infamous Gloozy’s sticky deathmatch, with heavy weaponry, in which roof became MVP. Then we moved to madred’s LTS, terrorists versus cops. To no surprise, roof once more made it to MVP! Next, we pushed the “chaos” red button and participated in GTA race with technical vehicles. In this Caddy vs Faggio battle that took us almost 8 minutes to complete, bullets and explosions (and rages too!) ruled. We finished with madred’s heavy-weapon deathmatch. Hydras, miniguns, tanks and RPGs ensured massacre. Once more, roof led the job with most kills.

I managed to win the playlist, with roof and mattie on podium in 2nd and 3rd place. Congratulations to everyone, for a great battle, for joining, and what’s more important, for an ethical attitude throughout the entire event!


The livestream is in the usual place. Enjoy the highlights below!

Special thanks to mathilya for writing this post, mattie for proofreading, and roof and mattie for providing the pictures.

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