Twisted stunting party: report and pictures 4

Last week Sunday, we had another great party! As always, thanks to everyone who joined our twisted stunting: raijin, cepa, geg, roof, mathilya, kassz, mattie, toyota, kuro, lorsch, gloozy, jeff and madred.


We assembled at Los Santos International Airport, to show our racing outfits and some ultra fast vechicles. Once more, cops did not forget about their barbecue. As usual, their wild hunger made the meeting slightly less peaceful. The winners for best car & outfit voting were Jeff and Gloozy. Special mention to Roof for winning the contest on party wagon. Congratulations all!

Coolest stunters.


We started our playlist with truck race, where working together was the key to finish. Then, we took part in amphibious quad race, won by Roof. Next, we participated in a World of Tanks parody LTS, with Hydras and Buzzards as our main weapons. Congratulations to Lorsch for developing the best strategy, and for showing great Hydra skills. Another race followed, won by myself, in which I overtook our leader on very last corner. We continued with a normal deathmatch, in which most common strategy was to shoot everyone from the back!! Roof managed to get the highest score. Roof also won the following race with our new jet-engine powered cars. Then, we took part in parachute jump, won by mattie with a nice advantage of 20 points. Finally, we finished the playlist with a Ruiner race, won by myself.

Roof won the playlist with a brilliant score of 100 points, with me and Jeff behind him. Congratulations everyone! For the afterparty, we gathered at Sandy Shores Airfield, invited some cops and pushed all special vehicle abilities to their limit. That resulted in Phantom Wedges free-falling, Rocket Voltics ascending high, and even more.

Livestream, video, and pictures

The livestream is here and enjoy some pictures below! As this report is a bit late, as a special treat, here’s a simple but fun twisted stunt video from footage of the event.

Finally, many thanks to mathilya for writing the report, to roof for providing footage, and to mattie for proofreading, footage, and the video!

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