Monthly Archives: April 2017

Our Pisswasser beer festival delivered another great fun experience. Even though there was a smaller turnout this time, it as fun as always. So, thanks to all for joining: jeff, mathilya, threepwood, toyota, mike, and mattie. Later in the evening, raijin and chillgriffon replenished the ranks, much appreciated! Yacht warmup […]

Pisswasser beer festival: can you hold your liquor?

Our muppet show was a fun-filled rollercoaster. Thanks to all who participated in the show: toyota, jeff, myst, nop, lorsch, mathilya, mattie, gloozy, grey, and rox! Preparation To prep ourselves for the curtain drop, we assembled at the cinema near the beach. For the opening of the show, mattie gave […]

The muppet show is coming to town!