Good sport: who’s the most ethical olympic champion? 1

Our good sport party was another good success. This time, we had a slightly smaller turnout. But therefore no less fun! So, many thanks to honki, roof, gloozy, nop, mattie, mike, mathilya, lorsch, shax, and jay for joining.


For good sport, we started with a meeting and sprinting contest at the Los Santos university sports grounds. Here, roof offered to give the starting shot as referee. Following an exciting first battle, nop took a strong lead and won the sprint; congratulations! Next, we jumped to the playlist, for an aquablazer race, an unusual RPGs vs insurgents battle built in a castle in the sky, an air race in jets, kassz’s traditional boxing match, a sports car offroad drift race, a tricky parachute jump at the docks, a sports classics grand prix, and a bowling match. In excitement, the ranks changed a few times. Eventually, mathilya came out on top, with myself and roof in 2nd and 3rd place. Congrats mathilya for once more taking the overall lead!!


Despite the hard work, some of us still had some good sport left in them. For the afterparty, we did some really fun relay races where nop and roof really shined, a few other versus modes. To finish, we had a game of angry birds.


Below, you can find some pictures of the party. As usual, the livestream is available on twitch. Enjoy!

Finally, don’t forget our muppet show party this evening!! 🙂

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