Accidents & emergencies: an overview of the worst injuries & casualties 2

Despite many accidents and emergencies endured, everyone held on bravely till the end! Despite the lack of barbecue, the cops of Los Santos joined in too. Even Rockstar caused more mayhem through disconnecting their lifelines during the playlist. Once more, thanks to all who joined: mathilya, myst, mike, rox, jeff, toyota, lorsch, geg, nop, mattie, gloozy (who also brought an extra tiny yet lively voice), and kassz!

Ambulance assembly

To start, we assembled our body parts with an ambulance meet at Mount Zonah Medical Center in downtown Los Santos. Perhaps due to the sound of the many sirens, the cops of Los Santos insisted on inspecting us thoroughly. Eventually they left as soon as they discovered that we had neither barbecue nor beer. Once geg kindly washed our ambulances with his fire truck, we raced in our ambulances to the prison. In an amazing battle, rox overtook jeff at the last second and won the race; congratulations!

Playlist accidents

For a soft start, we kicked off with a game of mike’s ever so fun rooftop boxing, where nop impressively managed to get the top kill score in both rounds. Next, we flatlined each other at the St Fiacre Hospital, where myst flattened the most lines with a K/D ratio of no less than 3.67! To change the pace and scenery, we continued with mathilya’s technical supercar race across the city, where rox impressively beat mathilya, closely followed by myst in 3rd place. To vent emotions, we continued with a game of angry birds, where jeff mastered deliveries of those Easter eggs better than anyone else.

Next, we went for a spot of rioting in the prison, where gloozy took the lead with an impressive K/D of 5.00, undoubtedly encouraged by the sounds of a kind supporter. We continued with a crooked cop mission, where rox again amazed everyone with skillful evasions and masterful delivery of the forged documents. We literally cut the coronors with broughy’s corresponding Grand Prix, once more won by rox, just ahead of mathilya and gloozy. To catch our breath, we ended the playlist with a parachute jump into downtown, where nop was the fastest to touch down, but where mathilya took the most points.

Sadly, the final ranking of the playlist as calculated by the game suffered from some severe errors. Apparently, Rockstar cannot count. But thanks to mathilya’s careful recounting, we’ve concluded that rox is the real winner of the playlist. Mathilya is in close 2nd place, and myst in 3rd place. Well done all, and congratulations! Rox, this earns you a place as player of the week on steam and on discord!!

Livestream and highlights

As usual, the live stream can seen on twitch. Enjoy the highlights below!

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