Pisswasser beer festival confirmed for Saturday 2

Pisswasser. So, can you ever have enough of it? Probably not. Therefore, if you feel the untameable need to quench that constant urge for saturation and liquidation, do not look any further, and join us this Saturday at 9pm CET for the wildest night of your life! Who said drunk racing? Or would you fancy some watersports such as diving, water skiing, snorkeling, or shark hunting?? Did you ever explore all the toilets of Los Santos??? If you name it, we’ll do it!! Fortunately, we can guarantee that you may not remember anything the next morning, but only provided that you fully let go.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, and be sure to bring a full stock of pisswasser!

Finally, many thanks to mathilya for providing the image of the best beers in the universe.

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