Pisswasser beer festival: can you hold your liquor? 2

Our Pisswasser beer festival delivered another great fun experience. Even though there was a smaller turnout this time, it as fun as always. So, thanks to all for joining: jeff, mathilya, threepwood, toyota, mike, and mattie. Later in the evening, raijin and chillgriffon replenished the ranks, much appreciated!

Yacht warmup

To start, we headed to mathilya’s yacht near the beach for getting in the Pisswasser mood. As usual, a picture says more than a thousand words:

Getting in the Pisswasser mood!

After all that drinking, causality naturally demanded a call from nature. To find relief, we decided to have an air raid on the toilets at Vespucci beach, where threepwood was the first to arrive on the scene. Much to our frustration however, we found the toilets locked. After some hard thinking, we decided to try to use the gloozy method and open the locks with sticky bombs. We all know that Rockstar has hardened their game against hacking, but still we were surprised that this extended to toilet doors, because they would not budge. Fortunatly, we found relief behind the Pisswasser billboard at the Yellow Jack Inn. No peeking please!

Finally, relief!

To complete our warmup, we had a quick race to Paleto Bay, where mathilya was the first to arrive, in a Pisswasser dominator too, to match the occasion!

Pisswasser playlist

To start the playlist, we had a tricky and pretty technical Pisswasser dominator race, where wild skidding became the norm, and somehow amazingly won by myself. Feeling the need to cool down, we drenched ourselves in the water with a Blazer Aqua race, where this time mathilya took the lead. A toilet race (really!!) brought some more welcome relief, where mathilya was the quickest to flush down. Finally, we felt brave enough to aim our drunk and shaky hands in a deathmatch around the canals of Vespucci. We continued with another race, won by jeff, with honorable ethical finish by toyota. Once more jeff showed amazing skill at the parachute jump down the docks. With our heads still high, a game of bowling ensued. Braveness continued with a pretty crazy bike race down Mount Chilliad, and a Formula 1 style Pisswasser race finished the playlist.

Mathilya once more won the playlist, with myself and jeff in close 2nd and 3rd place. Congratulations!!

Afterparty, livestream, and highlights

For the afterparty, we simply finished with some contact missions, where threepwood showed some great sniping skills. As always, you can enjoy the livestream on twitch. You can also find some pictures below.

Looking forward already to the next party!

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