Monthly Archives: May 2017

Make love with Wade in the Vanilla Unicorn. 8
You heard right: we’ll make love not war with the crew this Sunday! Once more, thanks to all for completing the doodle. To match the event, we will assemble peacefully in Paleto Bay at Dignity Village. That’s the small hippy town next to the highway. If you have a Surfer, […]

Make love not war: join us this Sunday

In truly ethical style, last weekend, we celebrated the crew’s 2nd birthday! How does time fly. Thanks to all for coming: mathilya, myst, julia, mattie, nop, geg, mike, roof, p90, kuro, threepwood, lorsch, and gloozy, with guest appearances from madebywitt and 63gallon! To start, we met at the downtown police […]

Happy birthday: Ethical Retinue turned two!

We were on once more for a crazy party, and this time, cozplay ruled the scene! Thanks for everyone who joined: threepwood, nop, mattie, kassz, myst, snowy, gloozy, mathilya, roof, julia, alex, chevi, and kuro. We kicked off at Richards Majestic Film Studio, where all participants showed off their crazy […]

Cozplay dressfest: who’s the best cozplayer?

princess robot bubblegum cozplay 2
And we’re on for some cozplay this evening (Sunday) at 9pm CET. This time, we will start with an outfit contest. So please feel strongly encouraged to dress as (in)appropriately as possible! To match the theme, I suggest that we assemble in Backlot City at the Richards Majestic Productions movie […]

Cozplay dressfest tonight: be your superhero