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Cozplay dressfest tonight: be your superhero 2

And we’re on for some cozplay this evening (Sunday) at 9pm CET. This time, we will start with an outfit contest. So please feel strongly encouraged to dress as (in)appropriately as possible! To match the theme, I suggest that we assemble in Backlot City at the Richards Majestic Productions movie studio.

In case you’ve never heard of cozplay, check it out on wikipedia. But basically, dress up as your favorite movie/tv/game/… character, and act as such. If you want, you can team up with someone else. In that case, you’ll share the vote on the contest. For the playlist, I’ve planned some crew created jobs. But if you have any suggestions, please do let me know before 7:30pm tonight.

Finally, thanks to @kuroakame for (willingly or not 🙂 ) providing the inspiration for the theme. Also thanks to all for completing the doodle.

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2 thoughts on “Cozplay dressfest tonight: be your superhero

    • mattiejas Post author

      Thanks for letting me know. That’s unfortunate… However you can always join in late if we’re still on – I expect we’ll go on until about 11:30pm. Maybe see you later, and if not, hopefully next time will work for you!