ETCL 2nd birthday!

Birthday celebration this Sunday: our crew turns two! 1

A birthday party? Yes! Incredibly, it’s been a staggering two years since the crew was created. Naturally this calls for celebration! Once more, we’re on for this Sunday (tomorrow) at 9pm CET. To start, we will sing and have cake. To keep with good tradition, a barbecue must be part of it too. Shall we actually invite the cops this time? Maybe we can even hold the barbecue right in front of Mission Row Police Station. For the playlist, we’ll dig up some good old crew jobs. Your suggestions are welcome as always!

Thanks to all for completing the doodle. Finally, also thanks to mathilya for suggesting the theme.

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One thought on “Birthday celebration this Sunday: our crew turns two!

  • mathilya

    OK, to be honest, the conversation went like this:

    Me: It’s one year since I joined the crew.
    Mattie: Yea, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?
    Me: Also, the crew was founded 2 years ago, back in May.
    Mattie: Oh wow, I think we should have a crew party about that anniversary.

    So, the credit goes to our boss too 😛 Wasn’t able to find that conversation in livestream.