Daily Archives: May 24, 2017

In truly ethical style, last weekend, we celebrated the crew’s 2nd birthday! How does time fly. Thanks to all for coming: mathilya, myst, julia, mattie, nop, geg, mike, roof, p90, kuro, threepwood, lorsch, and gloozy, with guest appearances from madebywitt and 63gallon! To start, we met at the downtown police […]

Happy birthday: Ethical Retinue turned two!

We were on once more for a crazy party, and this time, cozplay ruled the scene! Thanks for everyone who joined: threepwood, nop, mattie, kassz, myst, snowy, gloozy, mathilya, roof, julia, alex, chevi, and kuro. We kicked off at Richards Majestic Film Studio, where all participants showed off their crazy […]

Cozplay dressfest: who’s the best cozplayer?