Happy birthday: Ethical Retinue turned two! 2

In truly ethical style, last weekend, we celebrated the crew’s 2nd birthday! How does time fly. Thanks to all for coming: mathilya, myst, julia, mattie, nop, geg, mike, roof, p90, kuro, threepwood, lorsch, and gloozy, with guest appearances from madebywitt and 63gallon!

To start, we met at the downtown police station, with everyone nicely dressed in crew colors and emblems. After some mugging and toying with the cops, we kicked off our playlist, which this time consisted mostly of crew jobs.

For an ambitious start, for the first job we tested kassz’s latest LTS. Pretty confusing, but hilarious nevertheless. To build up those crew muscles, we continued with kassz’s NFS bicycle race. There, myst showed how it’s done taking an amazing lead. Thankfully, kuro kindly pointed out us slackers that the space key is the key. As everyone knows, the working conditions in the crew are always impeccable. So we continued with madred “Union Problems” capture to deliver some concrete trucks in a healthy competitive style.

To vent all that built up anger, we continued with mathilya’s technical but awesome offroad race in muscle cars. After all that hard work, we relaxed on honki’s “soul eating” weekend trip. To get some air, a parachute jump on the docks followed. Entertainingly, a large number of people managed to miss the last checkpoints and crashed into the ship or onto its cargo. Disaster, but fun ensured! We rolled on with some bowling, roof’s boxing match, and madred’s downtown warzone deathmatch. We finished with one more of mathilya’s great supercar races.

Myst and mathilya won the playlist but thanks to rockstar’s counting logic and disconnects, we may never really find out who to declare the real winner, so I’d say for simplicity let’s call it a tie. Well done both, and congrats on an impressive performance!

Again this report is coming in a bit late so I’m sorry not to post any pictures, however once more the livestream is available at super high quality (and thanks to my poor CPU for working on this non-stop for 27 hours!).

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