Monthly Archives: June 2017

Emergency. 7
Due to incomprehensible reasons, the developer of our beloved game banned lots of innocent players. Such a terrible thing happened also to some of our members, including our leader. Such state of emergency forced us to change to primary idea of crew event. In order to show our solidarity and […]

State of emergency party coming up tomorrow

Gunrunning group shootout. 8
Our gunrunning event was once more well attended. Indeed, again we reached the limits of our playlist! Thanks to all who joined despite the short notice: gloozy, nop, kassz, toyota, roof, mattie, myst, mathilya, madred, lorsch, eine, julia, witt, sotnoose, mon, and 63gallon. We also had guest appearances from george […]

Gunrunning and arms trafficking: casualty report

Pirates on deck. 6
Pirates once more ruled the seas of Los Santos last Saturday! Thanks to everyone for turning up, and what a turnout it was indeed: nop, mike, mattie, stoic, gloozy, raijin, kassz, roof, myst, witt, kuro, kaylin, jeff, mathilya, and threep, with guest appearances from raketchica, ravager, amigo_rosa, and 63gallon. Incredibly, […]

Pirates: a day in the life of a swashbuckler

And yes we showed the world last Sunday how to properly make love not war! First of all, thanks everyone for joining: roof, myst, gloozy, mattie, toyota, mathilya, geg, kassz, mike, raijin, kuro, witt, grey, julia, lorsch, and threep. Surfer meet To start, we assembled at Dignity Village with our […]

Make love not war: in the pictures