Make love not war: in the pictures 1

And yes we showed the world last Sunday how to properly make love not war! First of all, thanks everyone for joining: roof, myst, gloozy, mattie, toyota, mathilya, geg, kassz, mike, raijin, kuro, witt, grey, julia, lorsch, and threep.

Surfer meet

To start, we assembled at Dignity Village with our Surfers and other peaceful vehicles, in our best loving costumes. After turning up the volume, various guests honored us with a surprise visit. First, a naughty gang decided to give us an attack. Next, some cops “surprised” us again with a blitz visit. Finally, some accidental incendiaries caused an unintentional chain reaction. So after the group picture, this time we jumped straight to the playlist.

A loving playlist

To dedicate ourselves to love, we started drawing hearts in the sand with our bikes in one of Rockstar’s races, where myst put down a stunning win and best lap time. We continued with what was supposed to be a really fun job suggested by roof. Somehow however, we got our links mixed up and instead we were left with a standard LTS at the airport. There, geg found the best strategy, and lead his team to the win. Also kudos to raijin for finding a great defending spot. Well done both!

To let out some air, we continued to make love with a race through the canyon, where once more myst ruled the track. Next, we continued with kassz peace track in Kalahari’s, where roof this time took the lead. After an exciting battle, roof finished mere milliseconds ahead of gloozy and myst. Congrats all three for an impressive performance! For good excitement, we continued with a death run at Paleto Bay, where toyota made a great run and managed to get furthest!

For more air intake, we continued with a parachute jump over the mountains. Next, we had a slipstream race, where geg, kassz, mike, and mathilya, managed to pull off an amazingly fast lap time and take the win. Another parachute jump followed. Due to a tricky landing, no less than 5 people finishing with a zero score but with an honorable faceplant. This time, kassz won the parachute job, just ahead of mathilya: congratulations! A game of bowling followed, and we ended the evening with kassz’s wonderful beach race in Liberator trucks, this time won by mathilya, just ahead of witt and kassz.

In fairness, it need be mentioned that various people got disconnected throughout the playlist. However, the winner of the event was mathilya, with an impressive score of no less than 122, and just one point ahead of myst! Well done both of you!!

Make love livestream and highlights

A high quality upload of the livestream is available on twitch as usual. You can also find some highlights below. Special thanks to madebyWITT for providing some extra high quality screenshots, that’s deeply appreciated!! Enjoy!

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