Wade sailing with pirates.

Ahoy me pirates: let’s trouble the waters this Saturday! 6

Arrrrr you ready, me pirates? We’re on this Saturday 9pm CEST for some hefty buccaneering! So, dig out that dusty eye patch, and dress up in your fanciest costumes. But above all, don’t forget to practice your quotes me hearties!

To start, we shall assemble at our pirate ship, the “Ethical Revenge”, near the beach. There, we shall drink rum, eat pickles & eggs, and enjoy the little pleasures of life. No time would be better for a battle of hostile takeover – pistols only! For once, without the messy paperwork. For the playlist, we can do some sea races, a parachute jump with pistols, a “walk the plank” triathlon, and perhaps an RPG rampage deathmatch? If you have further suggestions, please share the link to any suitable job you’d like to see included.

Finally, thanks to all for completing the doodle, and to fellow pirate threepwood for suggesting the theme! Arrrrrrr!!!

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