Pirates on deck.

Pirates: a day in the life of a swashbuckler 6

Pirates once more ruled the seas of Los Santos last Saturday! Thanks to everyone for turning up, and what a turnout it was indeed: nop, mike, mattie, stoic, gloozy, raijin, kassz, roof, myst, witt, kuro, kaylin, jeff, mathilya, and threep, with guest appearances from raketchica, ravager, amigo_rosa, and 63gallon. Incredibly, that’s a new record of 19 players!

Unfortunately, we weren’t totally ready for this huge turnout, so apologies to anyone who had to wait for joining. Next time, a playlist for a larger number of people will be prepared.

Pirates in freemode

As usual, we started in freemode, this time at our pirate ship, “The White Angel”, for some random fun. Everyone brought their nicest pirate outfits, guns, and swords. And special kudos to mike and raijin for bringing their own vessels (and anyone else who did as well, I may well have missed some!). After drinking rum, we had a group picture. We continued with a game of piracy prevention, where of course the pirates won!! Following the piracy chaos, we started the playlist.

A playlist for buccaneers

To start, we did a pirate themed triathlon, where witt was the fastest to swim to the shore, and led his team to a quick and stunning win. Next, we tested our sea stomachs whilst jumping dams on an unusual sea race, where kassz came out top, just ahead of myself. We continued with a deathmatch on a custom created pirate ship, where raijin came out top with an amazing 29 kills and only 13 deaths.

For relaxation, we continued with a job on the beach, with a pirate variant of angry birds, where disaster from above ruled the bloody sand. We continued with mathilya’s awesome race in the quarry, impressively won by myst with an amazing lead. To bring back the chaos, next we enjoyed a crazy RPG deathmatch, where aim was totally irrelevant. Or, “spray and pray”! 🙂

We continued with Rockstar’s airport parking versus mission, kassz’s boxing match, a stunt race, to end with the now almost traditional parachute jump. So, the finale was quite exciting with constantly changing lead at all times throughout the playlist. But in the end, witt won the playlist, with myself and roof in close 2nd and 3rd place. Congratulations all!

Livestream and pictures

As always, you can enjoy a high quality upload of the livestream on twitch, and some extra highlights below. Finally, special thanks to myst and witt for providing some additional high quality screenshots, including the featured image of this post; much appreciated!

See ya next time! Swashbuckler out.

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