Female cop with gun hunting outlaws.

Outlaws of the Old West this Friday: to hunt or to be hunted!

Do you associate with any outlaws? Can’t resist that naughty urge?? Or are you a famous bounty hunter looking for adventure and fame? Then join our party this Friday 9 June at 9pm CEST!

This time, we will assemble deep into the desert, at the Yellow Jack Inn. To start, we’ll have an outlaw outfit contest, provided we are not too many (or we might do it in pairs as well if people are up for this). After having some beers, we’ll do a game of bounty hunting in freemode where 2 or 3 players try to stay alive for 10 minutes whilst the rest of the gang tries to hunt them down.

For the playlist, we’ll have an old-fashioned one-to-one pistol fights as a variant of our traditional boxing match. For good fun, we’ll race our horses. Suggestions for jobs for the playlist or other ideas welcome as always.

Finally, thanks to everyone for completing the doodle, and to mike for suggesting the theme!

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