Outlaws having a mass fistfight.

Outlaws rioting and plundering: bountyhunters beware! 3

As outlaws gathered last Friday in Los Santos, mayhem, chaos, and massive fun ensued! Once more, we had a record turnout, with 16 people joining: jeff, mike, mathilya, nop, mattie, deanne, myst, witt, gloozy, grey, kassz, reacher, threep, mya, with guest appearances from devil and hamoody. Many thanks to all for being there. Also thanks to reacher for inviting the guests.

Outlaws gathering, outfit vote, and bounty hunting

As we gathered at the Yellow Jack Inn, a curious local gang tried to interfere. Quickly, jeff clarified which gang ruled the dusty sands around Sandy Shores. Sadly, the pub owner ran out of her business, leaving us without fuel for our throats. Perhaps for the better? For good creative competition, an outfit contest followed. Here, deanne took the lead with no less than 10 votes, which earns her swag of the week status on discord! Honourable mention goes to threep, witt, and mathilya, each with 9 votes. Congratulations everyone!

Deanne posing after winning the outfit contest.

For thrills, we continued with a game of outlaws versus bounty hunters. Many thanks to gloozy, kassz, and mike for volunteering to be the outlaws! The outlaws held out pretty well, but mike deserves special mention for holding out almost until the end, only being killed in the last 30 seconds by a luck heavy revolver shot by yours truly.

Playlist and highlights

For the playlist, we enjoyed a variety of shootouts and races. As always, pictures say more than a thousand words, so please enjoy the highlights below! Again, the battle for the winning place was extremely exciting. If I remember correctly, it is only the second time we ever ended up with a tie. So congratulations to both mike and witt for winning the playlist!! This earns both of you a player of the week tag on discord.

Special thanks to mike, mathilya, and kassz who created some jobs specifically for this event, helping to make it a wonderful success. Finally, thanks to everyone for being patient when things didn’t go to plan. If you like to help test and propose good jobs for events, then that’s always greatly appreciated.

As usual, you can find a high quality livestream on twitch. Looking forward already to our next crew event!!

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