State of emergency party coming up tomorrow 7

Due to incomprehensible reasons, the developer of our beloved game banned lots of innocent players. Such a terrible thing happened also to some of our members, including our leader. Such state of emergency forced us to change to primary idea of crew event.

In order to show our solidarity and support for these poor souls, we will gather up at the Hill Valley Church cemetery in Blaine County. As we are going to “mourn” our suspended brothers and sisters, make sure you wear black clothes. If you have a hearse, bring it along so we can ride in convoy to Los Santos cemetery. But, of course, we can’t plunge into complete sadness!! We are planning to do some standard stuff, like an impromptu hearse race, a crew group picture, and a playlist. Like always, if you have any further suggestions about playlist or other activities, feel free to share your opinions and suggestions below.

Hope to see you there!

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