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Got swag? Ask Franklin!
With our swag of the week becoming a good tradition, we must have a swagger party! Thanks to all for completing the doodle: we’re on for tonight (Wednesday July 26th) at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, please dress as swaggy as you can and bring your fanciest car. We […]

Got swag? Show off your bling tonight!

Environmental and empowered!
For our environmental adventure, we assembled at the wind farm to farm some wind on top of a turbine blade. The view was amazing, and the company was even better! Thanks for everyone for joining: kass, gloozy, mathilya, nop, myst, reacher, deanne, myassar, grey, threep, venjamin, sot, and devil. Also […]

Environmental warriors united: windy adventures!

Last Saturday, fellow ETCL daredevils (toyota, threep, jeff, mattie, reacher, mathilya, gloozy, kestrel and grey) assembled at the top of Maze Bank to face the challenge of the another perspective, also known as the First Person Camera Lock. We moved straightforward to the playlist. On my airport race, jeff began […]

First person challenges report

You too, teddybear! 1
A cozy start How did our you too party go? As always, we like to keep it friendly. But this time we definitely went overboard with the coziness. After assembling at mathilya’s place, we started with watching trashy anime on TV. Next, we did a get-to-the-bong challenge, won by yours […]

You too: a report on the coziest party yet

First person Vinewood sign.
So, first person mode. Now, don’t you enjoy that mysterious, unexplored, and immersive point of view? If you do, then let’s have some challenge and fun with it! Join us tomorrow (Saturday) at the usual time of 9pm CEST. This time, we will play all activities in the playlist in […]

First Person Challenge this Saturday

Mourning the falsely banned in this state of emergency. 7
Emergency Rockstar’s massive unfair ban wave demanded a state of emergency. Our crew maintains a very strong policy in the crew against cheating and harassment. We have always strongly supported Rockstar’s actions and most welcome banning of cheaters. However, this time around, Rockstar caused a large amount of collateral damage. […]

State of emergency: report and pictures