Mourning the falsely banned in this state of emergency.

State of emergency: report and pictures 7


Rockstar’s massive unfair ban wave demanded a state of emergency. Our crew maintains a very strong policy in the crew against cheating and harassment. We have always strongly supported Rockstar’s actions and most welcome banning of cheaters. However, this time around, Rockstar caused a large amount of collateral damage. Such damage included banning many innocent long-term players, as well as removing large amounts of legitimately earned money. Consequently, we postponed our “you” party to mourn the entirely unnecessary loss and suffering caused by Rockstar.

Fortunately, Rockstar lifted bans on all legitimate players just a few hours before the party. I thank especially mathilya for setting up the playlist and hosting the event this time around, as I could not do so being one of the falsely banned.

A moment of mourning

First, thanks to everyone for joining: mike, mathilya, gloozy, mattie, sotnoose, 63, vix, jeff, nop, threep, madred, kassz, stahn, toyota, reacher, vacant, and chevi. With 17 players, we achieved a new maximum! To start, we gathered at the Hill Valley Church cemetery in Blaine County. Appropriately, everyone brought their hearse.

Muggers are literally everywhere, and this time gloozy fell victim. At least the mugger was appropriately dressed in black. Following a solemn speech by yours truly to mourn the lost in this state of emergency, we continued with a hearse race, won by mathilya: congratulations!

Playlist and highlights

Next, we jumped straight into the playlist. We played a variety of crew jobs, including jobs from gloozy, mathilya, kassz, jeffrey, mike, madred, and myself. Thanks to all for contributing! This time, 63 won the playlist, although mathilya came very close. Due to disconnections, the scores make little sense, and so we declare both 63 and mathilya as the winners. Congratulations!!

Enjoy the pictures below!

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7 thoughts on “State of emergency: report and pictures

      • Gloozy

        I’ve used Xsplit (free premium licence when i’ve bought my MSI GTX 1080), and set the stream to 1920×1080, 60FPS, used the NVIDIA NVENC hardware encoder, and i’ve set the video bitrate to 6 megabits per second (thx to my Fiber optic connection)

        • mattiejas Post author

          I’m impressed nvenc can give such good quality! Thanks for sharing your setup. 6Mb is probably too much as twitch recommends to stay below 3Mb but with nvenc you will need a higher bitrate to compensate for the poor compression ratio provided by nvenc at lower bitrates. So what you’re doing is pretty sensible.

          I use shadowplay to get a really high quality recording at much much higher bitrates, so I cannot use nvenc for twitch at the same time. After re-encoding and rescaling to 1080p with ffmpeg the shadowplay recording is small enough to be uploaded to twitch. That’s also how I create the screenshots at 1440p. Twitch is done via OBS at 1.2Mb at 480p resolution, with x264 so CPU encoded. x264 has much better quality at lower bitrates than nvenc, but yes the quality is of course not that great. I’ve tried pushing the preset (currently veryfast) and pushing the bitrate but my CPU can’t really handle anything more reliably. In other words, I need a new rig. Or at least a faster i7 cpu to replace my ageing i5 4460.

          • Gloozy

            Twitch increased the bitrate “cap” recently and has added 1080p/60fps streaming capabilities to their service by increasing the allowed ingest bitrate to 6000 kbps

  • mathilya

    I am very curious where and when did you get that “04-emergency-extra (4)” snap – I really don’t remember when my character was wearing remote headset :P Nice pictures, as always.

    • mattiejas Post author

      The perks of a mod menu are many… :P No, seriously, I took it after I disconnected. Both 63 and you remained in the heli. I landed on the maze bank tower (for science I wanted to test if you’d run off the tower), but both 63 and you went into cowering position. And you kept your headset! That’s where I took the snap because I thought it might look cool.