You too, teddybear!

You too: a report on the coziest party yet 1

A cozy start

How did our you too party go? As always, we like to keep it friendly. But this time we definitely went overboard with the coziness. After assembling at mathilya’s place, we started with watching trashy anime on TV. Next, we did a get-to-the-bong challenge, won by yours truly. Then roof and mathilya felt like testing the bed, wildly supported by gloozy, kassz, and toyota. If only pillow fighting was a minigame! To continue, we explored mathilya’s shower. Despite first impressions, we discovered that actually it can take up to 8 players easily. Unfortunately, the water supply did not work. And amazingly, everybody kept their clothes on. Such decency! Next, we explored mathilya’s dressing room and cuddled his favourite teddy bear.

A playlist for you too

For the playlist, we had a variety of crew jobs. We did gloozy’s deathmatch, roof’s fistfight match, races from kassz, jeff, and mathilya, and another crazy race suggested by gloozy. We finished with our traditional bowling job. Notable achievements were roof’s excellent racing performance, and kassz’s amazingly brave choice of monster truck against dune trucks. Jeff pulled a stunning near win with a Bati against a Drag, and mattie’s iron fists ruled the boxing match. But the overall best performance went to mathilya with an impressive win. Congratulations!! However, honorable also to roof. Despite the Nordic god of internet having a very bad day, roof bravely kept going at it with full enthousiasm.

Thanks to all for joining: toyota, mathilya, roof, kassz, mattie, threep, jeff, gloozy, deanne, grey. Also kudos to reacher for following us along on discord, being unable to join due to a planned power cut.


Once more, enjoy the pictures below, as well as the livestreams by mattie and gloozy.

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