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Swag ‘n brag: a report on the hottest stuff in town 2

We had a smaller party this time, but no less fun! Thanks to all swaggers for joining: reacher, dee, roof, threep, sotnoose, devil, mattiejas, kassz, and nop. Also thanks to luke for making a great guest appearance.

So, we started at the Richman Mansion. Once everyone showed off their cars (or heli!) and outfits, we continued with an outfit vote. Now, clearly, everyone had too much swag, because we never had a tighter vote, with everyone coming in at 4, 5, or 6 votes. However, there was only one winner, and who else could it be but the most swaggy of all: dee!! Congratulations dee!

Dee: max swag.

We continued with an impromptu race to the Vanilla Unicorn, where roof came first naturally in a helicopter. But mattie took the honourable swag in the first car to reach the finish. After roof and mattie tried the pole on the catwalk, we continued with the playlist.

To start, we got our swags wet in a boat race, where roof took the challenge of trying the race with a speedboat rather than the recommended seashark. Mattie reached the finish first, closely followed by kassz. Despite, the DNF roof took the badge of swag, having the most stylish of boats after all! To continue, we had a tightly cornered sports car race. After a hefty battle, kassz won, closely followed by threep and myself. In a last team standing, in the swaggier part of town, threep and myself managed to stay alive for longest in both rounds. But threep blasted my ass to bits before I could say “swag”.

Another sports race followed, where luke came first. To have something else, we continued with bicycle race, where kassz earned his swag on a BMX. After a hefty battle between reacher and myself, I took the win. We continued with one more stylish sports car race and a parachute jump, won both by luke once more. For the last job, we did our traditional bowling match, but Rockstar’s servers trolled us and all of us ended up disconnecting. However, with a score of 89, and 18 points ahead of threepwood in second place, I think it’s safe to declare myself as the winner of the playlist.

As always, you can enjoy the livestream on twitch, as well as the pictures below. Now, go forth and spread that swag!

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2 thoughts on “Swag ‘n brag: a report on the hottest stuff in town

  • Roofstone

    Ah the rest of you disconnected too? Glad to know it wasn’t just on my side then, been trying to figure out what went wrong for a day. It was a fun event, felt good to be playing again!