Mountaineering with friends.

Crazy mountaineering: best cliffhanger moments 2

And we had another crazy party! Again, we had a record turnout: mike, lorsch, raijin, deanne, mathilya, mattiejas, grey, jeff, gloozy, devil, kassz, toyota, reacher, and threepwood, with guest appearances from hamoody and shami. Thanks everyone for joining the mountaineering, and special thanks to reacher for inviting the guests!

Our mountaineering started off at the foot of Mount Chiliad. After enjoying the fresh and healthy mountain air, we assembled for a nightly group picture in the moonshine. Threep gave us a nice performance in a traditional yodeling outfit. Eagerly, we now await that Alphorn DLC announcement from Rockstar!

Next, we had a running race to the top of the mountain. Deanne managed to stay in front almost the entire time, only to be overtaken by myself in the last 100 meter. But Rockstar physics saved our swaggy hero, to overtake me again in the last second just less than a meter ahead of the finish. Congratulations Deanne! Once more, you are our swag of the week!!

Next, we kicked off our mountaineering playlist. To start, we stunted through the mountains in supercars, where mathilya took an impressive win, no less than 15 seconds ahead of gloozy, deanne, jeff, and reacher, who all came in at almost exactly the same time. Well done!! Next, we enjoyed an LTS in the hills, where raijin sniped yours truly in midair bike flight in an impressive feat. Next, we enjoyed mathilya’s race in the hilly forests of Paleto Bay. Once more mathilya came first, however our DNF specialist mike impressed everyone with a strong and well deserved 2nd place; congratulations mike!!

What happened in the next LTS in Raton Canyon I will never know as I disconnected due to an internet issue. However, we continued with an offroad race to the top of Mount Chiliad. A hefty battle between mathilya, devil, reacher, deanne, and myself ensued. But eventually mathilya once more took the win, closely followed by myself, deanne, devil, and reacher. We continued with another stunt race in the mountains, this time won by myself. Mike had a DNF but ended with the cleanest car.

Next, we had a death run, where my team gained the highest embarrassment level, after blowing ourselves up in the 1st round, and accidentally falling off the platform after actually making it to the end for once!! We continued with a stunt race in bikes through the mountains, once more won by mathilya with again an impressive lead. We ended with a parachute jump through the hills. Our yodelmaster threepwood took the win, closely followed by myself and mathilya.

The clear winner of the playlist was mathilya, which makes him player of this week once more. Congratulations!! After recounting the points due to my unfortunate disconnection (thanks mathilya for doing the maths), it turns out I came second, closely followed by deanne, reacher, and threepwood. Well done everyone! But as always, participation is more important than victory!

As usual, the livestream is on twitch. Enjoy the highlights below!

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