Goofy globetrotters on a plane.

Globetrotters: travel report & best vacation snaps 4

Globetrotters united last Thursday for some great fun! Many thanks everyone for joining: nop, gloozy, meriandar, sep, roofstone, deanne, threep, mathilya, kassz, mattie, grey, reacher, and devil. Also thanks to kuro for joining us via the livestream over twitch.

To start, we assembled at the airport with helicopters and airplanes. After some funny accidents involving lost wings, crashes, and failed parachute jumps, we managed a group picture on top of roof’s Titan. Next, we joined inside mathilya’s passenger plane, to fly to the Vineyard. Once everyone completed their airdive into the vines, Rockstar trolled threep by turning him into the beast! Fortunately, fellow crew members gave a willing and helping hand to rectify the problem.

We then headed towards Fort Zancudo to pick up mathilya’s bus. Rockstar kindly provided a gang attack at the pickup site, including minigun yielding baddies! Explosions ensued, and once we finally lost all the cops and all the army guys, we headed out for a trip in the woods and mountains of Los Santos. Mathilya’s driving skills were proven once more. Threep thankfully helped the bus to evade oncoming trains, trees, and to overcome steep inclines.

Our friends at the Altruist Camp welcomed us with friendly fire as always, which we equally returned. After playing with the cops in every insane possible way, the globetrotters continued with a playlist.

First, we did a rather unusual air race with hydras in the fog. We continued with two LTS’s, one at the Vineyard, and one in the woods. Next, mathilya provided a fun race for the Brioso in the city centre, with lot’s of tricky corners. To follow, we did Rockstar’s tractor capture in the fields. Two more races followed, and we ended with a parachute jump, where for fun we enabled forced 1st person view.

The outcomes of the different jobs were very varied, but in the end, mathilya once more won the playlist, followed by myself, gloozy, and deanne, in order. Congratulations mathilya on being once more player of the week! This time, swag of the week goes to kuro, for diligently following the event and supporting us from far away.

As always, the livestream is on twitch, and you can enjoy some further highlights below. Thanks to roofstone for providing some extra footage!

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