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Again, we had great event, this time organized and prepared by kassz! Thanks to all for joining: sotnoose, reacher, meriandar, mathilya, mattie, roof, lorsch, devil, threep, mike, kassz, raijin, kassz, and gloozy, with a friendly guest appearance by ariellee. To start, we assembled at Los Santos International Airport with our […]

Grand Prix: who’s the fastest driver?

Back to the future! 4
Last Monday, once more we timewarped into the future! Thanks to everyone for joining: caelin, kassz, mattie, reacher, mathilya, toyota, jeff, sotnoose, threep, vix, doozle, p90, kuro and strezz! As last time, we assembled at Humane Labs and Research with most our futuristic merchandise and costumes from the famous Back […]

Another report from future – we are back again

Grand prix! 2
We are on for probably the fastest ever crew event we will ever have: Grand Prix! This Sunday at 9pm CEST as usual, we will assemble at Los Santos airport. This time, bring your fastest cars and your racing outfits. Perhaps we can do a GTA race to make some […]

Grand Prix event this Sunday

Back to the future! 1
In order to keep the momentum going, we’re on for tomorrow for another crew event, or rather, a reiteration of an old event, namely, back to the future!! So, dress as Marty, Lorraine, Doc, Clara, Biff, Mr. Strickland, or perhaps a mysterious time traveler. Or maybe you feel like Andy? […]

Back to the future v2 this Monday