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Activity survey. 7
Better late than never: the crew survey is here!! So, without further ado, head over to the google form here: Please let us know what you think about the various activities in GTA. We take a healthy interest in your thoughts on what we’re doing with the crew, and […]

Crew activity survey: complete it now!

Pink power: kindness. 2
Are you feeling that pink power in the air? Then join the party this Wednesday, at 9pm CEST as usual! Bring your pink cars, pink clothes, pink wives, pink husbands, pink children, pink guns, and of course your pink pinky, for a pink mix of true chaos. This time, we […]

Charge your pink power this Wednesday!

Car theft city meet. 4
Our car theft city was another successful event! I am extremely happy that everyone seems to have had a good time. If there were any issues, please report them to me. In that way, I can try to improve in case of the eventual possibility of another hosted event! We […]

Car theft city v2: report & pictures

Alright guys! As you know we’re on for Wednesday, and it behoves me to make a small post beforehand explaining the rules in broad terms, they are few and they are simple. But they are non-negotiable, designated to give everyone an equal footing and to ensure the most fun encounters […]

Car theft city v2 pre-post: rules

Hillbilly dump truck joyride. 2
And we had another friendly gathering: this time everyone acted out as a true hillbilly! Once more, we had a record turnout. So many players were present that we struggled to get everyone into the playlist! Thanks everyone for your patience, and thanks for joining: p90, jeff, mathilya, mattie, roof, […]

Hillbilly funniest moments: report and pictures

Car theft chase. 4
Yes it’s the return of an old favourite: car theft city!! Some people might not know what this is, some of you may remember, fondly or otherwise. In either case you’re all welcome next week for a city wide crime spree bonanza unlike any other! For those confused by what […]

Doodle for car theft city v2 next week

Hillbilly tractor crash.
So we’re on for another event, and this time we’ll explore our inner hillbilly souls! This time, join us for a warm gathering at the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores. Be sure not to overdress. As always, please bring along your friend muggers. For the playlist, we will concentrate […]

Hillbilly: join the rampage this Tuesday