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Pink power on a faggio.
Once more, we had an amazing party, as pink power ruled Los Santos! First, thanks all for joining: mathilya, reacher, roofstone, mattiejas, threepwood, deanne, sotnoose, doozledoo, gloozy, jeffrey, and chevi. To start, we assembled at the pier with our pinkiest clothes and cars for a swag contest. Honorable mention goes […]

Pink power: who’s the pinkiest off them all?

Car theft city meet. 4
Our car theft city was another successful event! I am extremely happy that everyone seems to have had a good time. If there were any issues, please report them to me. In that way, I can try to improve in case of the eventual possibility of another hosted event! We […]

Car theft city 2: report & pictures

Alright guys! As you know we’re on for Wednesday, and it behoves me to make a small post beforehand explaining the rules in broad terms, they are few and they are simple. But they are non-negotiable, designated to give everyone an equal footing and to ensure the most fun encounters […]

Car theft city 2: pre-post and rules