Hillbilly dump truck joyride.

Hillbilly funniest moments: report and pictures 2

And we had another friendly gathering: this time everyone acted out as a true hillbilly! Once more, we had a record turnout. So many players were present that we struggled to get everyone into the playlist! Thanks everyone for your patience, and thanks for joining: p90, jeff, mathilya, mattie, roof, nop, reacher, toyota, kassz, deanne, gloozy, myst, sotnoose, doozle, threep, witt, insane, dante, and honki!

After gathering at the Yellow Jack Inn, we had a group picture on roofstone’s carefully appropriated dump truck. Once finally everyone got on, roofstone took us for a dump truck hillbilly joyride in the hills. Stunningly, we defied the deadly laws of physics! Next, we continued with our playlist.

To begin, we had a few rounds of motor wars in the hills with 4 teams of 4. There, witt and insane dominated the war, with numerous amazing kills. Honourable mention to roof, gloozy, nop, and toyota, for great flanking skills, and a well deserved 2nd place. Next, we did gloozy’s bike race in the hills. There, roof pulled a stunning win in an akuma, with myself and mathilya in close 2nd and 3rd place. To vent those heated hillbilly emotions, we continued with roofstone’s fun fueled duel at high noon.

Next, we raided each others bases at the coast in one of rockstar’s captures. Master deliverer myst led the team to victory. To continue, we raced each other in the hills and on the tarmac, in one of mathilya’s masterpieces. For true relaxation, we fought each other in teams in honki’s rooftop deathmatch. Most noteworthy, witt accrued a kill/death ratio of 4.33!! Next, we tested the new stockpile adversary mode, which is a capture with planes. There, roof, sot, witt, insane, gloozy, and honki amazed everyone with a last second comeback of 6 packages! Great team play!!

For more relaxation, we had a last team standing in the Vinewood hills. There, yours truly riddled roof and jeff (and himself) to the win. How accurate one can shoot at random never ceases to amaze! Finally, we had a parachute jump, where yours truly took the win at the very last second. This earned me a swag of the week title (thanks mathilya!), for a great comeback to earn an overall second place. However, the winner was witt, with an amazing score of 114, with myself, mathilya, and roof in very close 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. This earns witt a player of the week title. In conclusion, well done everyone and thanks for joining the fun!!

As always, the livestream is on twitch. Naturally, you can also enjoy the highlights below!!

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