Pink power: kindness.

Charge your pink power this Wednesday! 2

Are you feeling that pink power in the air? Then join the party this Wednesday, at 9pm CEST as usual! Bring your pink cars, pink clothes, pink wives, pink husbands, pink children, pink guns, and of course your pink pinky, for a pink mix of true chaos. This time, we shall also celebrate the new arrival of the pinkiest of all. Undoubtedly, she must have heard about the party too.

To assemble, we can gather at the beach, near the beautiful pink lights of the Ferris wheel. Hopefully, good weather will bring about one of those gorgeous pink sunrises or sunsets.

Especially for this event and to celebrate the new arrival, we will turn our crew colour to pink for a day. Or even a for week, if our eyes can bear it.

Finally, thanks to all for completing the doodle.

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