Pink power on a faggio.

Pink power: who’s the pinkiest off them all?

Once more, we had an amazing party, as pink power ruled Los Santos! First, thanks all for joining: mathilya, reacher, roofstone, mattiejas, threepwood, deanne, sotnoose, doozledoo, gloozy, jeffrey, and chevi. To start, we assembled at the pier with our pinkiest clothes and cars for a swag contest. Honorable mention goes to mathilya and roof, however the win went to dee and doozledoo. That gives both a well-earned swag of the week title!

Pink power swaggers!

Next, we continued with a freemode challenge. After dividing up, each team took it upon themselves to deliver as many pink cars as possible within 5 minutes. To no surprise, everyone came out as the pinkiest on this challenge: every team delivered exactly three vehicles! Special mention to gloozy for creatively delivering a pink bus. Quote of the week: “It was pinkier when I took it.” For fun, we did a few rounds on the ride.

We then continued with our pink power playlist. First, we did jeff’s race in pink super cars, where jeff again demonstrated his superb racing skills. Next, we contended in a capture on Mount Chilliad, where sotnoose in a cunning move brought his team to the win. Following that, we raced again but this time in SUVs in the center of town. Again, jeff came out first! To vent all that pink anger, we continued with one of madred’s deathmatches in the posher part of town. Sotnoose scored no less than 30 kills, well done!!

We continued with another race, which was this time won by mathilya, with roofstone in very close 2nd place, after an exciting battle! We continued with some bowling. In kassz’s GTA race in Zancudo, mathilya took the win in his “milka cow”. A capture on the coast followed, and then we raced in mathilya’s superb pink panther race. To end, we did a game of motor wars, where luck charm chevi joined the playlist, who together with jeff and reacher lead their minority team to the win. Well done, guys, this earns you a team of the week title!

The overall winner of the playlist was however mathilya, with roofstone in 2nd place and jeffrey in 3rd place. Congratulations!!

As always, the livestream is on twitch. Additionally, you can enjoy some pictures from the event below. Thanks again all for joining!!

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