James Bond action shot.

James Bond secret mission report (swallow after reading) 7

Once more, we had a lot of fun, this time acting out our James Bond theme. First, thanks all for joining: doozle, mathilya, roof, mattie, jeff, reacher, sotnoose, dante, lorsch, grey, chevi, and woozy!

After we chased out a James Bond look-a-like NPC, a truly beautiful outfit contest followed. For originality, props to grey for arriving as Ernst Savro Blofeld. Although, sadly, online has no cats. More traditionally, jeffrey, reacher, mathilya, lorsch, doozle, and myself, acted out as James Bond. Roofstone arrived as Bond girl Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies, with matching bike. Following an exciting vote, reacher, lorsch, and mathilya, jointly won the contest. Congratulations!

Following a quick impromptu race to the beach, won by reacher, we started the playlist. To start, we did a standard race in super cars through town. There, jeff showed off his amazing racing skills, coming in 6 seconds ahead of everyone else. We continued with an old James Bond style adversary mode: extraction! Next, we did mathilya’s Grand Prix in GTA style, where once more jeff pulled ahead of everyone else. A simple yet fun deathmatch followed, again created by mathilya for this event, where we battered each other on the hills around Vinewood. Grey showed impressive bamboo internet battering skills with no less than 18 kills!

Roofstone’s race around the canyon followed, with contact and rain enabled, for extra fun. Yes, people did get hurt. Accidentally. Again, jeff came out first in an impressive feat! Next, we did a traditional game of bowling. We continued with mathilya’s hot pursuit, for a change, in 1st person mode and with traffic enabled. This time, mathilya showed best skill in evading traffic and racing through the corners. Following, we tried to capture a tank using jets. Unfortunately, the teams were rather imbalanced (six against four), but we did not let that get in the way of fun.

We continued with another of mathilya’s races, over tarmac and gravel, impressively won by sotnoose!! Congratulations! To end, we parachuted into Fort Zancudo. Here, mathilya showed amazing skill and skydived down to take the 1st place. At the same time, roofstone overtook jeffrey in the overall ranking at the very last moment, and thereby won the playlist. Congratulations!!

As always, you can watch the livestream on twitch. Enjoy the pictures below!

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7 thoughts on “James Bond secret mission report (swallow after reading)

    • Chevi

      I keep getting my screen frozen from time to time, if you find a solution, lemme hear it 🙂 The event was fun indeed, shame I also had to restart the game after being frozen 🙁

      • Greymalkyn

        Crashes in GTA are so annoying while in a job or events :/

        Did you read the file name: “launcher.log”?

        Assuming the user name you choose for Windows is: Chevi, the location of this file should be:

        C:\Users\Chevi\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V

        Extract from mine: “Reset failed with D3DERR_DEVICELOST.”

        Some of my investigations leaded me to:
        1. delete the folder in C:\Users\Greymalkyn(replace it by your user name)\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\Profiles
        Nota bene: save it before the deleting as the saves of your story mode games are in it 😉
        it solved a problem I had with Rockstar Social Club (unable to connect to my account)

        2. Verify the integrity oy GTA V installation:
        Create a shortcut of GTAVlauncher.exe and add -verify to the location of the target:
        “C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTAVLauncher.exe” -verify
        R*SC could download replacement files

        3. Classic things:
        update your drivers

        4. Some GTA players seemed to solved some issues with a minimal installation of graphic drivers. For example: not necessary to install “Hd audio driver” for Nvidia if you don’t connect your graphic card to your display with a hdmi cable

        5. Still investigating :/

        (Ps: I hope my reply is clear because English is not my native language :/ )